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I understand that any recreational activities and exercise programs that I undertake at Reebok International Ltd. may expose me to the risk of personal injury. I agree that it is solely my responsibility and not the responsibility of Reebok to require me to consult with a physician prior to commencing any such programs, to remain under medical supervision if that is indicated, and to seek medical assistance in the event of an injury. I recognize that the use of the exercise equipment and other facilities provided by Reebok entail some risk of an injury to myself and to others and I agree that I will use such equipment and facilities with due care. I hereby release Reebok International. ("Reebok”) and Reebok’s officers directors, employees, agents, licensees, consultants, independent contractors and affiliates, from any liability from property damage, personal injuries or other claims arising from or in connection with my participation in any exercise program, the use of Reebok’s Health and Fitness Center and all other Reebok courts and fields. I understand that Reebok may from time to time photograph, video record, or otherwise document workouts and activities in which I participate at the Reebok fitness facilities for use on websites and social media (e.g. the Reebok CrossFit One blog), as well as for internal and business use (e.g. company newsletters, presentations to prospective business partners). I hereby grant Reebok International Ltd. and its licensees and assigns an irrevocable right, title, and license to use, simulate, and impersonate my name, likeness, voice, appearance, performance, and/or biographical information, in connection with the uses described above. Such rights are worldwide, without limitation in number of occurrences or type of media, whether now existing or hereafter created, for a period of without limitation. 

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